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Award winning IF created by the husband and wife team of Mike and Renee,
Beautiful story telling by Renee and wonderfully illustrated by Mike. 
IF is a truly awesome book for all ages!

IF is a story about an unsung hero named IF. He is a court jester in a magical kingdom in the clouds on the planet Thera. It is up to IF to find a way to save his beloved kingdom and queen from a sinister fate. Through his journey he makes unlikely alliances with a courageous and driven boy named Chance, the enigmatic and beautiful girl named Whisper, and the magical stallion named Bolt of Lightning. Through their undying courage and special talents, these three heroes answer the calling of, what if? 

The Queen needs IF to help save the kingdom from certain doom! 

The beautiful and enigmatic girl Whisper soon becomes friends with Chance!

The magical horse called Bolt of Lightning helps
Whisper and Chance on their quest! 

Honorable Mention in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards 2018 and Finalist in the Pacific Book Awards 2018! 
IF, Hatimiss and Stash

Bolt of Lightning

The Queen

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