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"Publish or Perish." Those words rang in my head when I graduated from Art Center in Pasadena, California in 1985. I was bound and determined to get my paintings published so my work would be validated and recognized. Upon graduating from Art Center I was apprehensive of the difficult task of finding clients, getting published and starting an illustration business entirely on my own straight out of art school.

This is me in my studio in 1992 with my faithful companion Prince. Prince loved to sit on my shoulder and make sure everything was going as planned. Here I am starting the layout of the Land of Xeen map. Visible on the easel is an earlier map used as reference and the new map being blocked in with colors. I was very content working the hours away on this project in my studio.

This book is a must read for computer gamers and artists who enjoy classic cover art of some of their favorite games. The book is visually beautiful and showcases all the classic covers I painted between 1985 and 1994. It also describes what it was like getting the commissions and painting them. This is a fun read for any one interested in being an artist and wondering what it is like to create classic cover art for games and movies. Told candidly and with a sense of humor you can learn the nostalgic history behind these paintings and many of my other paintings not lost to the digital age.

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Classic Game Covers Wing Commander section pages 26-28 preview
Classic Game Covers Wing Commander section pages 26-28 preview